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Letter of protest to Ambassador of Peru

Internationellt LO, TCO and Saco have been following with deep concern the situation of violence and state repression in Peru, following the ousting of its constitutional president, Pedro Castillo.

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Dear Ambassador Sra. Cristina Ronquillo de Blödorn,

The Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO), The Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees (TCO) and The Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations (Saco) have been following with deep concern, since the beginning of December, the situation of violence and state repression in Peru, following the ousting of its constitutional president, Pedro Castillo. 

More than 60 people have lost their lives as result of the police crackdown on protests, thousands of people have been injured and hundreds more have been arrested. Trade unions, rural workers’ organisations and other civil society groups have been illegally raided, as have universities throughout the country. 

The illegitimate government of President Dina Boluarte is sustained by military repression and by the far-right forces that dominate the National Congress, most of whom are accused of corruption and totally lack popular support.

Boluarte is also protected by powerful media conglomerates and business interests, that appeal virtually every day for even more violence against the Peruvian people’s right to peaceful protest. 

In the rural areas – and more recently in the capital Lima – demonstrators have been demanding an end to violence and a way out of the crisis that includes:

- the establishment of a transitional government.
- the dissolution of Congress by bringing forward general elections which must take place in 2023.
- the convening of a Constitutional Assembly to put an end to the authoritarian and anti-democratic legacy of dictator Alberto Fujimori's infamous constitution.

The trade unions in Peru are part of the large coalition of social movements and have been actively supporting these popular demands by joining peaceful mobilizations across the country. In view of the above, the international trade union movement calls on the Peruvian authorities to: 

- immediately cease all violence by the security and military forces against the Peruvian people;
- carry out a diligent, independent, impartial and transparent investigation to clarify the allegations of human rights violations and to ensure justice for those killed and injured in the demonstrations;
- establish negotiations with social movements and progressive political forces to achieve a peaceful transition towards a democratic society that expresses the interests of the entire population of Peru.


Yours sincerely,

Susanna Gideonsson
The Swedish Trade Union Confederation, LO

Therese Svanström
Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees, TCO

Göran Arrius
Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations, Saco